MainStreet Acess
How do I buy?

Global Digital Cash users can select from a growing range of products, services and property via online websites, in-store transactions and mobile phone SMS and smart phone app from participating merchants and licensed providers.

Online Systems

Buy, Sell, Trade and Manage your account online.


Online Systems

Global Digital Cash Access card can be used at participating outlets, see MainStreet Directory for listings.


Online Systems

Buy, Sell, Trade and Manage your account via mobile SMS and Mobile Web services.


Online Systems

MainStreet Property Traders is a service available to accounts holders which enables purchasing and trading of properties.


Shop online with your card and receive rewards and benefits.


More ways to use your Access card coming soon.


Global Digital Cash Members Websites

The Following Websites are Affiliated or Partnered Members that Use, Accept or are Supported under License, with GDC's Digital Currency and Smart Loyalty Systems.

MainStreet Money

MainStreet Malls

Greenhouse Rescue

Tyburn Group Inc.

CabIT Taxi Payment Management